Micro Lab Bulbs

“Q” Glass uses the highest quality glass to manufacturer our laboratory glassware micro lab bulbs to the highest industry standards.

If you work with chemistry lab equipment or chemical glassware, you know the importance of finding durable, heat-resistant, transparent, and easy to customize chemical glassware. Our glassware varies and all of our items are customizable allowing you to order the perfect product! All catalog items are available to ship from New Jersey within one week of order if they are not in stock.

“Q” Glass has evolved to become one of the leading laboratory glassware manufacturers in the industry, serving the scientific, medical, and chemical research communities. Priding ourselves on having the “Q” in “Q” Glass, which stands for quality, this family own company holds our clients expectations for our chemical glassware to the highest standard. All of our glassware follows the same production and quality assurance testing that our family set forth in the 1946. Have a question about any of our products or a custom order? Our experienced staff will provide you with recommendations and suggestion to see that you’re getting the best use of our glassware.

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